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Enrollment Lottery Procedures

Students who are five years old by September 1st are eligible for enrollment. Parents must complete an application. Applications are available by clicking here .  


We now have an online application to attend

To apply via online application to Sylvan Heights, please click here : Online Application

Students are assigned lottery numbers if there are more applicants than available slots in their grade level. Lottery drawings for the open slots are held on May 15th (or the next business day when May 15th falls on a weekend). The lottery for the 2024-2025 kindergarten class will be held on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024. Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 to be included in the lottery. The lottery viewing is open to the public. Children who have siblings already enrolled in our school are accepted first when slots are available. Children residing outside of the Harrisburg School District are not considered until all Harrisburg students have been accepted. A waiting list is maintained for students who had not won slots in the lottery and for those students who apply after the lottery.

There are a full range of services, programs, and alternative placements available for implementation of the special education programs in SHSCS. We use the Child Find System to locate, identify, and evaluate children who are thought to have a disability eligible for special education. Child find data is collected, maintained, and used indecision-making for placement along with a conference between parents and an instructional team.

Students with disabilities are included in the general education program and extracurricular and non-academic programs and activities to the maximum extent appropriate in accordance with an Individualized Education Plan.

These policies further the mission of SHSCS to remain non discriminating in the selection of students. SHSCS shows no preference on the basis of gender, social class,race/ethnicity, English proficiency, aptitude or achievement, or disability. Our lottery system also eliminates selection on the basis of special educational needs. Students with and without disabilities are admitted on the same basis (lottery).