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Parental Engagement

Sylvan Heights Science Charter School (SHSCS) is committed to the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges that parents share in this commitment to the educational success of their children.

SHSCS recognizes that a child's education is a responsibility shared by the school and family, and agrees that to effectively educate all students, the school and parents must work together as partners.

We define parental involvement as an on-going process that assists parents and families in meeting their basic obligation as their child's first educator.  It relies on clear, two-way communication between home and school, and supports parents as leaders and decision-makers at all levels concerning the education of their children.

To this end, a written plan for Title I parental involvement establishes programs and activities to enhance parental involvement and reflects the needs of students and families.  It will be jointly developed by parents and school staff.  The plan will be unique to SHSCS and will provide a sense of direction for designing initial and on-going activities.  The plan will also include a school-parent learning compact and will support the development, implementation and regular evaluation of parental involvement program by parents.  Implementation of the plan will be a priority of the school community.

What is a Learning Compact?

A learning compact is an agreement between the home and school which defines goals, expectations and shared responsibilities of school and parents as partners in student learning.  It is sharing of expectations and provides a sense of direction for designing and implementing activities.

What does the Compact look like?

The learning compact describes ways parents and our school will be responsible for student learning and address the importance of communication between parents and teachers on a continuous basis.  It clarifies responsibilities and expectations, designs specific goals for parents, teachers, students, and enhances the child's education by providing effective support at home and school.

Why SHSCS want parental input  and why parents are so important?

SHSCS expects to involve parents in the stages of plan development, in its review and in its annual rewriting process as we work together for the success of all students.  SHSCS believes that with parental support, our chances for student success greatly increase.