Sylvan Heights Science Charter School
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Mrs. Roth  Principal & CAO                                    
Mr. Taliani Operations Specialist  


Name (click to email) Title                                     Website                                     
Mr. Blair Pupil Services Assistant   
Mrs. Melhorn Special Education Teacher  
Mrs. Beutler Second Grade Teacher  
Mrs. Buterbaugh Health/ PE Teacher  
Mrs. Collman Support Teacher  
Miss Cropper First Grade Teacher  
Mrs. Corson Federal Document Clerk   
Miss Doty Reading Specialist  
Mrs. Reynolds  Math Resource Teacher  
Ms. Fox Instructional Assistant  
Ms. Townsley First Grade Teacher  
Mr. Furry Support Teacher  
Ms. Garnes Cleaning Staff  
Mr. Hawkins Second Grade Teacher  
Mrs. Jordan Cafeteria Coordinator   
Mrs. Lauver STEM Coordinator/Federal Programs Coordinator   
Miss Long Kindergarten Teacher  
Mr. Martire Thrid Grade Teacher   
Ms. Morris-George Instrucional Assistant/ Day to Day Substitute   
Mrs. Nordai Pupil Services Coordinator  
Mrs. Overdorf Safe School Coordinator/ Music Teacher  
Mr. Overdorf Support Teacher   
Ms. Rodriguez Lunch Staff  
Ms. May Fourth Grade Teacher  
Ms. Ross Instructional Assistant  
Mrs. Roufos-Abbey Techology Support Teacher  
Mr. Stevens Counselor Website
Mr. Wiggins  Building Aide   
Ms. Witten Lunch Staff  
Ms. Woodyard Receptionist  
  Thrid Grade Teacher  
  Fourth Grade Teacher