Sylvan Heights Science Charter School
Staff Listing
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Administrative Staff

Name (click to email) Title Phone
Mrs. Roth Principal / CAO 717-439-7856
Mrs. Nordai Assistant Principal 717-439-4547
Mrs. Corson Federal Programs / Pupil Services Assistant  
Mrs. Lauver STEM Coordinator / Federal Programs Coordinator 717-395-7867
Mr. Taliani Operations Specialist  717-439-5922


Name (click to email)  Title
Mrs. Beatty  Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Beutler 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Buterbaugh Health/ PE Teacher
Mr. Edwards 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs.Harte  4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Long Kindergarten Teacher
Mr. Martire 3rd Teacher 
Ms. McCraw 1st Garde Teacher
Ms. Morris 1st Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Overdorf Music Teacher
Mr. Overdorf Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Richardson 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Roufos-Abbey Technology Teacher
Mr. Wagner 4th Grade Teacher

Support Staff

Name (click to email) Title Phone
Mrs. Collman Support Teacher  
Ms. Fox Instructional Assistant  
Mr. Furry Support Teacher  
Ms. Jackson Building Aide  
Mrs. Jordan Cafeteria Coordinator   
Ms. Jusic Support Teacher  
Mr. Jusic Instructional Assistant   
Mrs. Lindsay Part Time Teacher  
Mrs. Melendez  Lunch Staff  
Mr. Metzel Instructional Assistant   
Ms. Reynolds Math Coach  
Ms. Rodriguez Lunch Staff  
Ms. Scott Building Aide  
Ms. Simmions Support Teacher  
Mr. Stevens Counselor 717-395-6560
Ms. Townsley  ESL/Support Teacher  
Ms. Witten Lunch Staff